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In the development and testing of our filter technology, we work closely together with specialists from the most various specialty areas. In close cooperation with our partners, we examine if our filter systems actually hold up to what we promise our customers. After all, we want to know for sure that our filter technology does delivery to our customer expectations. Find out here who we trust.


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Filter system at Denios AG

Research Establishment for Applied System Safety and Health

The FSA is a long-standing partner of HET Filter GmbH. In the area of explosion protection, we are supported by leading specialists. Our filter systems are subject to regular testing and inspections. This takes place at the Kappelrodeck Test Site near Achern, which is also where our proven HETfil filter cell was subject to a EC type approval test. Additionally, the FSA is auditor and certifier for DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 13980/2003.


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International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

In order to meet the continuously increasing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, we closely cooperate with other specialists in the field within the ISPE Network. The current subject of containment, which we are working on within the COP Containment (Community of Practice) Work Group is part of our cooperation with the ISPE. 

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

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Filter system Imtech

The Infraserv Corp. is a reliable partner for determining the performance of our filter systems with regard to containment. Together with their specialists, we have conducted successful measurements and tests and have had our technology confirmed. The measurements took place in our facilities and can be repeated for your system upon request.

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Bilfinger SE

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To check the high separation degree of our filter cells, we refer to the Bilfinger engineers as a reliable partner. With their equipment and know-how, they will either check your filter system on location or in our facility, and confirm the high performance and separation capacity.


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HET filter is a member of POLEPHARMA Association.

Pole Pharma combines the state, the region West Centre and the actuators (manufacturers and suppliers) of the French pharmaceutical industry. They strengthen the dynamics of network innovation and competitiveness.


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The A3P Association is a key player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.Created in 1986, it contributes to the smooth development of the production of medicines and clean and sterile equipment through its network of suppliers and manufacturers.

It now has over 1200 members who share their technical experience, scientific and regulatory.It is represented internationally by delegations.


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HET filter is a member of ASPEC Association.

In Aspec Association to professionals networking in the areas of contamination and clean room technology worldwide.

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