Suspended-particle Filter Systems

Our Suspended-particle Filter Systems

Our suspended-particle filter systems offer the largest design varieties and options. This is where you can put together a system in modular design with our support, which meets the highest requirements in terms of explosion protection and containment. Simple systems for low dust amounts can also be realized with suspended-particle filter systems.

Following is an overview of our possible suspended-particle filter features:

  • Our suspended-particle filter systems can filter fine dusts and suspended particles to 99,995 % out of the air or gases.
  • Clean-gas values to 0.0001 mg/m³ can be reached 
  • Our suspended-particle filter systems meet the safety requirements to the containment level OEB 5 
  • Usable for high and low flow rates
  • Versions available with primary filter (operating filter), secondary filter (safety filter) and optional tertiary filter (activated carbon filter)
  • Application in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX explosion protection guideline 2014/34/EU
  • Designs with customer-specific control systems, e.g., the tried-and-tested HET Cs150 pcb control system
  • Non-dust-contact protection-bag replacement using the safe-change-system for filter and dust discharge 
  • Conductive designs safe against pressure blasts
  • Designs with ventilator, cross jet side-channel compressor, vacuum pump, etc. 
  • Various dust-discharge units selectable, e.g., low-contamination or contamination-free dust discharge systems

We have developed three strong brands of suspended-particle filter systems. Each one stands out with its own individual strengths and advantages. To find the right products that suit your requirements, simply read the corresponding production pages. Of course, we will gladly serve you directly. Simply get in touch with any of our contact partners for individual advice.

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