Cartridge-filter system

Our HETpulse cartridge filter systems

For large air volumes and high dust loading, we recommend our HETpulse cartridge filter systems. They offer a large filter surface at low space requirements. Large and difficult dust amounts are reliably filtered with clean-gas values to 0.1 mg/m³.

The modular design allows for individual adaptation to customer requirements.

Following is an overview of our possible HETpulse features:

  • Clean-gas values to 0.1 mg/m³ can be reached
  • Usable for high and low flow rates
  • Designs with primary filter (operating filter) and secondary filter (safety filter)
  • Designs with customer-specific control systems, e.g., the tried-and-tested HET Cs100 pcb or the S7-based Cs200 or Cs300 control systems
  • Designs with ventilator 
  • Conductive versions
  • Various dust-discharge units selectable, e.g., low-contamination or contamination-free dust discharge systems