Plated-filter system

Our HETflow plated-filter system

Our HETflow plated-filter systems are used for course dust particles that, for example, have a caking or adhesive tendency. The excellent dedusting capability of our plated filters considerably improve the filter service life. An optional secondary filter stage increases the clean-gas concentration to 0.001 mg/m³. HETflow filter systems can also be used modularly in series, to increase the volume flow rate. A variant as hopper-top filter is also possible.

Following is an overview of our possible HETflow features:

  • Clean-gas values to 0.001 mg/m³ can be reached
  • Usable for high and low flow rates
  • Designs with primary filter (operating filter) and secondary filter (safety filter)
  • Designs with customer-specific control systems, e.g., the tried-and-tested

HET Cs150 pcb control system

  • Designs with ventilator 
  • Conductive versions
  • Various dust-discharge units selectable, e.g., low-contamination or contamination-free dust discharge systems