Suspended-particle Filter Systems

The dedustable filter system

HETdynamic is the right suspended-particle filter systems for dust concentrations beyond 5 mg/m³. The interior suspended-particle filter cell regenerates itself automatically when the dust load is too high. This increases the service life of the filter cell and considerably reduces the maintenance and filter-changing intervals. As an alternative, the filter system regenerates itself after the extraction process has been carried out; this allows for the same volume flow rate to be cleaned with significantly less filter surface.

In continuous operation, the system can be operated 24 hours daily at 7 days per week on 365 days per year.
Our HETdynamic allows you to realize all of your requirements with a single system.

The following options differentiate the HETdynamic system from our other suspended-particle filter systems:

  • Dedusting system for backflushing of the primary filter by means of cleaning-cylinder 
  • Continuous and discontinuous operation 
  • Systems available in dust-tight or gas-tight design
  • DEHS measuring points for qualification of the safety filter stage
  • Safety requirements are covered to containment level OEB 5 
  • GMP-conform design