Suspended-particle Filter Systems

The mobile mini deduster for volume flow rates
until 350 m³/h

The HETcompact is our mobile mini deduster solution. It meets all basic characteristics required for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry (e.g. in cleanrooms). Applications are possible for toxic and respirable dusts. The filtered clean gas is led back into the room air. Filter changing takes place with our safe-change-system, eliminating dust contact.
HETcompact applications are of course possible beyond the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Our HETcompact offers the following features:

  • Mobile, easily-movable mini deduster
  • Explosion-protected housing with safe grounding
  • Dedusting system for backflushing of the primary filter by means of cleaning-cylinder 
  • System in welded design 
  • Conductive versions suitable for almost all ATEX categories
  • DEHS measuring points for qualification of the safety filter stage
  • GMP-conform design