The filtration principle on the basis of a HETdynamic filter system

Dust-laden air enters the system via the raw-gas duct. Large and heavy particles sink into the dust container and can easily be disposed of.
The primary filter filters the fine dust particles out of the air. They remain in the Filter, while the cleaned air is conducted into the clean-gas room/area.

A secondary filter can be used here as a safety filter. In case of a filter rupture, the secondary filter substitutes the primary filter until the ruptured filter is replaced.

Our dedusting principle

Our HETdynamic filter system can additionally be equipped with the dedusting function. 
Here, a cleaning cylinder travels above the primary filter cell and blows compressed air toward the dust funnel. The dust particles are freed from the filter material and sink into the dust-collection container.

During the dedusting, the raw-gas butterfly valve is shut and interrupts the flow through the filter compartment. This decouples the filter module from the system and thus prevents a backflushing of the dust into the raw-gas duct.

For 24/7 operation, our filter systems can be designed for continuous operation, without interruption for dedusting. Upon the dimensioning, a reduced filter-surface load is chosen and the filter surface is divided in several modules. In this manner, each of the elements can be decoupled from the overall process and dedusted. Due to the alternating operation, the filters remain in continuous operation, thus also achieving a high service life.

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