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HET filter technology - Worldwide

Since our establishment in 1989, we have gained a great reputation in the area of filter technology. Renown companies value us as a reliable partner that convinces with high-quality filter technology. More than 3,000 filter systems have already been sold worldwide, with many more to follow. Selling a good product is our primary objective. And our success speaks for itself: Quality is what counts.

To remain globally successful with our products and services, we will continue our future policy of holding on to a strong team, first-class filter systems and filter cells, and all of this made in Altenstadt.

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In systems are used in these applicational areas

Our filter technology is not only sold worldwide, but also used in the most various industrial companies. The modular design our our systems and the variety of options allow for our filter systems to be used in the most differing branches. From our basic up to our sophisticated containment systems - numerous areas of application have benefited from our technology.

In the pharmaceutical industry, which currently covers the majority of our customers, containment plays a very important role. Not only do we ensure safety for people and products, we also perform containment measurements. Nevertheless, our demand for being an important partner in filter technology of other branches persists.

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