Explosion Protection

Our explosion-protection technology

Explosion protection Pictogram
Explosion-protection Technology
Figure: Spreading of an explosion. Explosion area (marked red) < 1 m³ and relief area (marked blue)

HET filter systems offer progressive explosion-protection technology: With our Ex-features, we cover all areas of explosion protection.

We operate with the partial-filling principle. For this reason, we do not require additional explosion-pressure relief. In this, the explosion volume is significantly less than 1 m³; the explosion pressure, however, can spread throughout the compete system and is thus reduced. The filter cell becomes a protective device against the discharge of flames. This principle does not lead to destruction of the system. Moreover, operation can be restored with little expenditure after careful inspection.
On customer request, we provide for explosion protection to category 1G1D through practical combination of this and other explosion-protection concepts.

We are also in the position to certify our systems to ATEX explosion-protection guideline 2014/34/EC by ourselves.

The guideline 2014/34/EC subdivides unit group II into the following categories:

(Gases, vapors, mist)
Category Operating material
suitable for
  Category Operating material
suitable for
1G Zone 0   1D Zone 20
2G Zone 1   2D Zone 21
3G Zone 2   3D Zone 22


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