We have what you need

Our customers want high-quality filter systems. But which system is the right one for your purposes? What needs to be considered during the planning?

These are questions that we do not leave unanswered for your customers. In close cooperation between our expert teams and customers, we jointly search for new solutions and concepts. We advise our customers intensively, to make sure that we develop and realize the right filter system for each specific application.

If requested, we work out a URS (User Requirement Specification) with our customers, or develop a concept on the basis of a given URS. Function and design specifications as well as installation, operation and design qualifications can be drawn up together with the system documentation.

Our service scope for you:

  • System design, system conception
  • Air-management (e.g. dimensioning of the piping)
  • Containment measurements
  • Qualifications and validations, URS preparation, documentation and qualification
  • Accessories, such a ventilators 
  • New solutions and concepts for your applicational range