Why is containment necessary?

Brands Rabs and Wip

    Extreme high filter-technology requirements apply particularly in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Here, it is important to protect the working environment against hazardous dusts not only during running operation, but also to keep up the protection during maintenance and repair work (such as during a filter change).

    To ensure the protection of people and products, we are also on the cutting edge of technology in terms of containment.

    Our containment technology

    Our HETdynamic filter system, equipped with the WIP (Wash-in-place) and Rabs (Restricted-Access-Barrier-System) features, provides high protection at very low workplace concentration. It was specifically developed for the application of highly-effective products and is safe against explosion-pressure blasts. For this - as with all of our systems - additional pressure relief is not required.

    With the WIP and Rabs features, our HETdynamic filter system is usable in the OEB 5 category, providing a maximum workplace pollution of <1µg /m³.

    The HETdynamic with the WIP and Rabs features, provides maximum containment:

    • Wash-in-place system
    • Rabs (glovebox)
    • Safety requirements OEB5 
    • Non-dust-contact protection-bag replacement using the safe-change-system for filter and dust discharge
    • Clean-gas values to 0.001 mg/m³ can be reached
    • Conductive designs safe against explosion-pressure blasts
    • Designs with primary filter (operating filter) and secondary filter (safety filter) 
    • GMP-conform design

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