About us

What we do?

We develop, plan, manufacture and set up filter systems - And sell them throughout the world.

Our focus is in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. But we also have excellent insight in other, completely varying industrial areas, such as the nuclear, battery and metal-processing industry.
This broad spectrum of branches and applications, with their own, very special demands, have lead to a huge accumulation of know-how, that we contribute into each of our projects.

In addition to this, a newly opened facility in 2010 with modern machinery allows us to manufacture our own filter cells. After thorough testing on our test benches, these are distributed throughout the world.

Who we are?

HET Filter GmbH was established in Altenstadt in 1989.

We are a strong team of sales engineers, project managers and service technicians that develops concepts and solutions for you, and implements your projects to individual requirements.

Your contact partner accompanies you from the planning phase to the operational start-up and even after putting into operation, we fully stand to our customers. With our service and maintenance products for your filter system, we strive to be your reliable and long-term business partner.

Our vision?

We see ourselves as a pioneer in the development of safety-oriented engineering based on established technologies, such a HEPA filtration, explosion protection or containment. 

When it comes to setting the pace, to working out standards as well as supporting our customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we have been and still are in the leading role, such as when new legal requirements with the ATEX Guideline came into effect a few years ago.

The future will bring further challenges. We will therefore continue to improve products and develop new application areas together with our customers, to meet the growing demands in terms of health, safety and environment.
Economical use of energy also is an important issue that we are already devoted to. With more focus on sustainability, energy considerations gain increasing importance.
We see it as a major trend of the future to view investments in their entirety. A cost analysis over the entire life cycle will supersede the evaluation of an investment exclusively by the sales price.

We are also inspired by completely new ideas, and will incorporate new possibilities in our considerations as soon as we perceive them.
New materials, new application areas, new processes. Our search continues for future trends, so that we can deal with them in a timely manner.

Yet, the central element in all of this is you, our valued customer! We listen closely, and take pride in submitting our ideas and suggestions.
Our intention is to prepare both you and us for an exciting future, which is bound to happen.
So, get in touch with us!

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For us, quality is not just a word - We live quality. Not only with our products, but in all areas, thanks to our quality management.

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